Phonetic Reading of the Character '夺'

Animated Stroke Order of 夺:

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Stroke Sequence of the Character '夺'

Radical:大     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

duóto rob/to snatch

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 夺:
to seize
to take away forcibly
to wrest control of
夺佃eviction of peasants from land leased to them by landlords or rich peasants
夺偶to contend for a mate
夺冠to seize the crown
fig. to win a championship
to win gold medal
夺去to take away from; to deprive of; to snatch away
夺去席位to unseat; to deprive one of one's seat
夺取to seize
to wrest control of
夺回recapture; reseizure; reseize; reconquest; reconquer; retake; regain
夺得to force one's way
to achieve by force
to seize (power)
夺权to seize power
夺杯win the cup
夺标to compete for first prize
夺目dazzle the eyes
夺眶而出gush out
夺走to snatch away
夺金to snatch gold
to take first place in a competition
夺门而出to rush out through a door (idiom)
夺魁to seize
to win