Phonetic Reading of the Character '窒'

Animated Stroke Order of 窒:

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Stroke Sequence of the Character '窒'

Radical:穴     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

zhìobstruct/stop up

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 窒:
stop up
窒塞stop up; block
窒息to choke
to stifle
to suffocate
窒息剂green cross; asphyxiant
窒息弹stifling bomb
窒息性毒剂choking agent
窒息性毒气choking gas; blood gas
窒息性气体suffocating gas; choky gas; chokedamp; asphyxiating gas; blackdamp
窒息性空气[Mining] blackdamp; chokedamp
窒息死亡death by suffocation
窒息装置an asphyxiator
窒热stuffy; oppressive
窒碍have obstacles; be obstructed
窒闷close; stuffy